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Why There is a Need to Use B2B in Influencer Marketing?

As B2B marketing continues to evolve, organizations are discovering the potential of influencer marketing companies in India to boost brand recognition, enhance their reputation, and ultimately drive revenues. Surprisingly, despite 94% of marketers recognizing its effectiveness in the B2B realm, only 24% have fully integrated influencer marketing into their comprehensive business strategies. 

The rapid expansion of social media’s presence and influence within specific industries has undeniably opened new avenues for B2B enterprises, making it a strategic avenue worth exploring.

In this piece, we’ll explore the critical role of influencer marketing companies in India and the reasons behind the imperative need for businesses to craft influencer campaigns that seamlessly align with their overarching corporate goals.

What is B2B Influencer Marketing?

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B2B influencer marketing is a strategic approach where enterprises join forces with subject matter authorities, prominent thought leaders, or industry trailblazers to create compelling content and promote their products or services. 

These individuals, often partnered with influencer marketing companies in India, typically boast a substantial social media presence, ensuring a far-reaching impact and serving as valuable conduits for businesses looking to engage their target audience effectively. By harnessing the clout of these influential figures within their respective sectors, companies can tap into a wellspring of credibility and trust to fuel their marketing efforts and foster fruitful customer relationships.

The focal objective of B2B influencer marketing is to elevate brand awareness, augment the perception of credibility, and instill unwavering confidence in prospective clients. Notably distinct from its B2C counterpart, Influencer Marketing for B2B is finely tuned to engage and captivate businesses as discerning clientele rather than catering to the preferences of individual consumers. 

Benefits of Influencer Marketing Companies in India

B2B influencer marketing offers several distinctive advantages, differentiating it from B2C influencer marketing. Here are five unique benefits of employing influencer marketing in the B2B sphere:

  1. Niche Expertise and Credibility: B2B influencers are often established experts or thought leaders in their respective industries. When they endorse your brand or product, it lends significant credibility and authority to your business. Their deep knowledge and insights can resonate strongly with your target audience.
  2. Targeted Audience Reach: B2B influencers have a well-defined and often niche audience, making it easier to reach the right potential clients. Their followers are more likely to be decision-makers or professionals relevant to your industry, allowing you to focus your efforts on those who matter most.
  3. Relationship Building: B2B influencer partnerships are often built on deeper, long-term relationships. These influencers tend to work closely with brands, sharing genuine experiences and insights, which can lead to more authentic and enduring connections with your Audience.
  4. Complex Product Promotion: B2B products or services can be intricate and require a more in-depth understanding. B2B influencers can explain and showcase your offerings in a way that resonates with their audience, simplifying complex concepts and highlighting the value of your solutions.
  5. Thought Leadership Alignment: Collaborating with B2B influencers enables your brand to align itself with thought leadership within your industry. This association can position your business as a forward-thinking and innovative entity, opening doors to new opportunities and partnerships.

Measuring the Effectiveness of an Influencer Campaign

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From an extensive industry survey, influencer marketing for B2B has demonstrated varying levels of effectiveness across different objectives. The data reveals that when it comes to raising brand awareness, influencer marketing is seen as an extremely effective strategy by 39% of respondents, with an additional 49% acknowledging its effectiveness, albeit to a slightly lesser extent. This is a compelling testament to its power in extending a brand’s reach and visibility.

Regarding increasing customer loyalty, 24% of professionals view influencer marketing as extremely effective, while 41% still consider it effective. The ability of influencers to foster genuine connections and trust with their followers plays a vital role in enhancing customer loyalty, which is crucial for long-term business success.

In the realm of driving sales, influencer marketing demonstrates its potential as well. While 20% of professionals perceive it as extremely effective, and 33% deem it effective, 34% still find it somewhat effective, indicating that influencer marketing can be a valuable driver of sales figures, even if not equally so for all businesses and campaigns.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of influencer marketing for B2B can be influenced by various factors, including the choice of influencers, the alignment of the influencer with the brand, the quality of content, and the engagement strategies employed.¬†

ObjectiveExtremely EffectiveEffectiveSomewhat EffectiveNot Effective
Raising Awareness39%49%8%4%
Increasing Customer Loyalty24%41%27%8%
Driving Sales20%33%34%13%

5 Indian E-commerce Companies Employing Influencer Marketing

1. Sugar Cosmetic

Established in 2012, Sugar Cosmetics stands as a prominent player in the Indian online cosmetics industry, boasting a robust social media presence with a notable 2 million-strong Instagram following.

Sugar Cosmetics has masterfully integrated influencer collaborations into its marketing strategy, utilizing them as a pivotal force in product promotion and launches. For instance, when unveiling its latest line of liquid lipsticks, the brand forged alliances with influential figures from India’s beauty and lifestyle sphere, fostering an authentic buzz around its offerings. 

Furthermore, the brand made a noteworthy announcement about its partnership with Bollywood star Taapsee Pannu, a move designed to amplify its latest campaign, #BoldAndFree. Within this dynamic influencer ecosystem, macro and micro-influencers regularly share captivating visual content, showcasing themselves adorned in Sugar Cosmetics’ liquid lipsticks and other premium products. 

This approach in influencer marketing for B2B goes beyond mere product placement, instead encapsulating the essence and allure of their cosmetics in a myriad of captivating looks, delivering unique and compelling narratives to the brand’s audience.

2. mcaffeine

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As the pioneer of India’s personal care industry, mCaffeine has carved a niche with its distinctive coffee-infused product line, tailored for the ambitious and dynamic young audience constantly pursuing self-care excellence.

For mCaffeine, influencer marketing extends beyond the conventional sales drive, transcending into brand awareness and enduring recognition. The company has forged strategic partnerships with renowned Indian influencers, including notable figures like Radhika Apte and Alia Bhatt.

mCaffeine’s influencer collaboration strategy doesn’t discriminate between macro and micro-influencers; instead, it harnesses its strengths to cater to distinct segments of its diverse audience. 

3. Duroflex

Duroflex, a prominent name in India’s mattress industry, is renowned for its commitment to comfort and durability and offers a diverse range of mattresses. Duroflex has adeptly harnessed the power of influencer marketing to expand its outreach and connect with fresh audiences. Their collaboration roster spans an impressive tally of over 200 influencers, active on a spectrum of platforms, be it YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.

Duroflex’s influencer marketing strategy serves a dual purpose: to champion its product offerings and elevate brand recognition. The brand’s most iconic “Change your Sleep – Change Your Life” campaign, headlined by none other than Bollywood luminary Alia Bhatt, exemplifies their vision. Moreover, Duroflex’s endeavor extends to campaigns such as the “7-hour marathon” featuring fitness icon Milind Soman, which certainly underscores the significance of quality sleep in enhancing one’s life. 

4. Lenskart

Lenskart has emerged as a formidable choice for eyewear enthusiasts, capitalizing on the surging popularity of online shopping. The brand’s allure isn’t solely attributed to its extensive product range but also to the enticing array of deals and discounts it offers. From stylish sunglasses to convenient contact lenses and eyeglasses, Lenskart’s diverse product portfolio caters to a broad spectrum of eyewear needs.

Lenskart’s marketing prowess extends beyond the conventional, encompassing a strategic foray into influencer marketing. Collaborating with renowned influencers in India, including the illustrious Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, for their captivating “I’m hooked” campaign, Lenskart demonstrated a knack for innovation. 

In one memorable instance, they dispatched a pair of sunglasses to Katrina Kaif, whose Instagram endorsement sparked curiosity and enthusiasm around Lenskart’s offerings. This influencer-driven campaign showcased the brand’s astute adaptation to contemporary marketing trends, leading to a substantial surge in web traffic and brand engagement.

5. Mamaearth

Mama Earth, a revered Indian brand spearheaded by the visionary couple Varun and Ghazal Alagh, has been at the forefront of the natural beauty and wellness movement. Their commitment to crafting products free from harmful chemicals and toxins has garnered a loyal following among consumers seeking a holistic approach to personal care. 

In navigating the e-commerce landscape, Mamaearth has astutely embraced influencer marketing as a central pillar of its strategy. Their approach is holistic, engaging both micro and macro-influencers across a wide array of social media platforms, showcasing their adaptability in the dynamic world of digital marketing. 

With over 100 influencer collaborations, Mamaearth has solidified its position as a trailblazer in leveraging influencer partnerships to enhance brand visibility and promote its product line. Mamaearth’s influencer campaigns do more than just showcase their offerings; they embody a twofold mission. While their products take center stage, these campaigns also build brand awareness. 

Notably, the brand has executed several triumphant influencer-driven campaigns, with the “#ShaadiWalaGlowEveryday” initiative featuring the renowned Indian actress Shilpa Shetty as a prime example. Such campaigns seamlessly blend product promotion with brand identity cultivation, propelling Mamaearth into the upper echelons of influencer marketing excellence. 

Challenges Faced in B2B Influencer Marketing

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B2B influencer marketing, like any marketing strategy, comes with its unique set of challenges. Some of the key challenges faced in B2B influencer marketing include:

  1. Identifying Relevant B2B Influencers: This challenge involves finding influencers who not only have a following but are also genuinely relevant to your industry and target audience. B2B influencers should be experts in their respective niches, making the selection process more complex than B2C influencer marketing.
  2. Building Trust and Credibility with Influencers: B2B influencers are often industry experts or thought leaders. Gaining their trust and credibility can be a time-consuming process. They may be cautious about endorsing products or services and require assurances that your offering aligns with their high standards.
  3. Measuring ROI: In B2B influencer marketing, ROI can be challenging due to the lengthy and intricate B2B sales cycles. Determining the appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) and accurately attributing revenue to influencer efforts is a persistent challenge.
  4. Content Quality and Authenticity: B2B audiences are discerning, seeking in-depth content demonstrating expertise. Maintaining the quality and authenticity of influencer-generated content is crucial. Any inauthenticity or poor content quality can damage your brand’s reputation.
  5. Regulatory Compliance: In India, influencer marketing companies often operate within B2B industries with strict regulatory and compliance requirements. Ensuring that influencer content complies with these standards and legal regulations is an essential challenge for brands and influencer marketing companies in India to mitigate potential legal issues or reputational damage.

The Bottom Line

Influencer Marketing for B2B is an increasingly important strategy for businesses looking to establish credibility in their respective industries. With the right approach and understanding of the challenges, B2B influencer marketing can be a highly effective tool in achieving business goals and driving growth. 

By utilizing a B2B influencer marketing platform, aligning with relevant influencers, building trust and credibility, measuring ROI, maintaining content quality and authenticity, and staying compliant with regulations, brands can harness the power of influencer marketing to foster brand loyalty and drive business success.


1. What is B2B influencer marketing, and why is it important?

B2B influencer marketing is a strategy that includes collaborating with influential figures in the business world to promote products or services. It’s crucial for reaching a niche B2B audience and building credibility within that space.

2. How does B2B influencer marketing differ from B2C influencer marketing?

B2B influencer marketing targets businesses and professionals, whereas B2C focuses on consumers. B2B influencers often have expertise and industry knowledge and can provide valuable insights to their audience.

3. Why should B2B companies use influencer marketing?

B2B companies should use influencer marketing to enhance brand visibility and credibility and reach decision-makers. It helps in establishing trust and authority within the industry.

4. What are the benefits of collaborating with B2B influencers?

Benefits include access to a niche, high-value audience, increased brand recognition, enhanced thought leadership, and potential lead generation.

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